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It's time to get some more people involved in Flying Club!  The following students are running for the Flying Club Freshman Officer position.  Please give their bios a good read and cast your vote today!

Freshman Officer
 Spencer TerzoloMy name is Spencer Terzolo and I would like to become the freshman class officer. While I only began my flight training last winter, my passion for flying started long ago. My grandpa flew fighters in the Navy and I grew up flying with my dad. I've been around planes, airports, and the culture that comes with it all my life. I solo'd in my C172s last summer at my home airport KCCR, and I am continuing on with my training here as much as possible. One of my favorite memories was after I taxied back from my solo. My instructor follows an old tradition where he cut off the tail of my shirt to signify I am ready to fly on my own. This comes from long ago when there were no radios, so the instructor would just tug on the students shirt to communicate during flight. I am a motivated individual and I would love the opportunity to apply my passion of flying to my great work ethic. I'm looking forward to any possibilities that could come for this club's future and the new things I could bring to it.
Chris PauliMy name is Christopher Pauli and I am a freshman in the engineering program this year with my focus on pre-medicine. I have been flying since the beginning of this year and it has been one of the best experiences of my life. I am interested in airplane design and piloting my own plane on vacations. I hope to expand into stunt flying eventually and continue flying as a hobby for the rest of my life.
I believe I would make an awesome officer since I have had previous leadership experience and I am confident as a public speaker. Additionally, my schedule is pretty flexible and I would be as involved as possible with the club to get as many people the same experience I have had this previous year. These are just some of the many reasons I would love to be a freshman officer for the flying club.
Amanda SwainI think that I should be elected Freshman Officer because I have experience flying, I can easily take leadership, and I have good organizational skills. But most importantly, I love airplanes and have a passion for flying and I want to share that with others and be part of a group that I can easily relate to. Flying is such an incredible experience and I want to show people just how amazing it is. Thank you for considering me for this position.
To submit your vote, please fill out the form below.  The deadline to vote is Wednesday, October 15th.