Paid Membership

Why Pay?

Flying is an inherently costly activity.  That being said, we want to give the joy of flight and aviation to as many people as possible.  That's why we already offer you free food and free flight raffles at all our meetings, heavily discounted flights around Boulder and the surrounding area, free BBQ's, and many other free or heavily discounted events.  The flying, however, is costly and we can only have so many flying events before our pilots just can't afford to take more people up in the air.  That's why we're asking you to chip in a little bit, if you can.

If you're able to give us just $20 per semester, we're going to give you the following extra perks:
  • Specialty Flight Discount. You may redeem one of the following per semester:
    • 1 hour of Full Motion Simulator time with Instructor ($110 value!)
    • 1 month of Specialty Flight club dues waived ($110 value!)
  • Journeys Aviation Discount.
    • 4% Discount on all plane rentals (must be paid with cash/check)
    • $30 Monthly Membership fee waived (for students only)
  • Access to our Go Flying waitlist and flight request
  • Priority seating on all flying events
We're currently seeking discounts at many of the major flying websites (sportys, mypilotstore, ...) so stay tuned as more benefits roll in.  

Our club is a non-profit club, so the more you give to us the more we're able to give back by having even better events!  We are excited to offer you these extra benefits and look forward to having your support. If you'd like to sign up now, you're welcome to use our online signup page.