Monthly meetings

We meet every month (excluding December and May due to exams). We try to find interesting guest speakers to come and share their experience in the world of aviation. See the Guest Speakers page at left for an idea of who we've had come speak to the club. Also, there's free food which is the real incentive to come.

Next Meeting: TBA


Every semester we host a flyout from the Boulder area to someplace we can get to in roughly an hour in an airplane. We've flown to Greeley (KGXY), Erie (KEIK), Pueblo (KPUB) and other cool places like that. When the signups for the flyout open, you'll see a Flyout page listed under Events. Depending on aircraft type and how many people are in the plane, expect to pay $30-$60 per hour of flight to participate in the flyout.

Spring BBQ

Every spring we host a BBQ at Boulder Municipal Airport (KBDU). Come for the opportunity to get airplane rides and enjoy some good food with fellow avgeeks! As the date approaches, look for a BBQ page listed under Events.

Movie night

Once a semester or so, we host a movie night so you can enjoy classic aviation movies such as Top Gun and Sully with fellow plane nerds.

Ground school

If you're looking to take the first step toward becoming a private pilot, we host a ground school every semester. The cost is $375 and it includes both instruction and all of the materials you will need. See the Ground School page for more information.