Ground School FAQ

Does the price of ground school include any time in an airplane with an instructor?

No. This just covers the materials and knowledge you need to become a private pilot. Actual flight time will cost between $90 and $150 per hour depending on the airplane; an instructor can charge anywhere from $20-$80 per hour. Most frequently you'll see instructors charging around $45 per hour.

What's the total cost of becoming a private pilot?

The answer to this depends a lot on how many flight hours you need before you are ready for your checkride. The minimum is 40; very rarely do people make it in 40. The national average is around 65 hours. So in total you can expect to spend around $10,000. However, a big milestone you'll reach is when you complete your first solo flight which generally happens after 15-20 hours of training. So if you just want to know what it feels like to fly an airplane by yourself, you'll only need to spend about $3500.

Does the cost of ground school include the FAA written exam?

No, it does not. The FAA written exam costs about $120.

If I sign up, is attending the class mandatory?

Yes and no. You're totally free to not attend, but you do need to attend 80% of the classes in order to receive an endorsement to take the FAA knowledge test.