When do you meet?

We have one general meeting every month, excluding December and May because of the hectic exam schedule. At these meetings, we go over upcoming events, take polls on interest for new events, have free food, give away a free flight around Boulder, give out Flying Club stickers. We also have a guest speaker at most meetings, previous speakers have been pilots, astronauts, entrepreneurs, or other people who work in the aviation field. Going to these also gives you the opportunity to meet other aviation enthusiasts in the Boulder area.

What types of events do members do together? Does it cost more to participate in any events?

Every month, in addition to the general meeting, we hold some kind of flying event. To give you an example of the kind of events we hold and the associated costs, in recently, we've had:

- Flyout to Greeley ($30 per person)

- Tour of the ARTCC facility in Longmont, which controls air traffic for the surrounding 285,000 square miles (free)

- Flyout to Sidney, NE ($30 per person)

- BBQ's at the airport (free food for everyone, $20-$30 per person per half hour flight around Boulder).

Does it cost to join the club?

To join the club, it's actually free. Just fill out the form online and you're in! A $20 paid membership gets you some extra perks as a paid member, which are an incredible deal. The biggest perk is priority on any events which have a limited number of attendees, such as flyouts. To see a full list of benefits, feel free to check out our Paid Membership site. There are no formal participation requirements or anything like that, you're welcome to show up to whatever events you'd like.

What is the format of the ground school class?

The ground school we offer is a course designed to get you fully prepared to understand and successfully complete the private pilot written test. It's a 10 week course that meets two nights a week. There are no tests, however there is an attendance requirement. As for extra work, it will take about 1-2 hours of reading per week to keep up with the course. By the end of the course, you will receive an official endorsement to take the private pilot written test.

This is one of the best things the Flying Club offers here. For $375, you get ~40 hours of ground school instruction and all the books, charts, E6B, plotting tools, etc... you'd need to succeed in passing the knowledge portion of the private pilots written exam. Plus, you can ask the instructor any questions you want after class. If you were to pay for the ground instruction time with any instructor, this could easily cost $1200 or more, not even including books! Taking this before or even while you're training for your private will be an incredibly rewarding experience and will eliminate or greatly reduce the need for you to ever pay your flight instructor for ground instruction time. We typically hold a ground school every semester.

Note that the format of ground school may change in the future as FCCU finds new partners.