Aidan Sesnic

Aidan is an aerospace engineering graduate student at CU, and earned his B.S. in aerospace engineering from CU in May 2021. He’s from Boulder and is the first of his family to fly. He currently holds a private pilot certificate with high-performance and complex endorsements, and is close to earning his instrument rating. He regularly files the following aircraft types: Cessna 172N, Cessna 182Q, and Cessna 172RG. A particular passion of his is mountain flying: this provides an unmatched view of the Rockies and provides for some interesting (and challenging) flying conditions. Upon completing his M.S. degree, he has aspirations to work as an aircraft accident investigator for the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB).

Favorite plane: Boeing 787 Dreamliner

Favorite airport: KGWS Glenwood Springs Airport

Favorite time to fly: early morning

Best flying memory: flying a C182 to Glenwood Springs Airport KGWS and seeing the fall foliage from the air.

Vice President

Chris Yan

Chris is a sophomore studying Aerospace Engineering. He is an Air Force ROTC cadet and a second-generation pilot. Chris earned his Private Pilot Certificate in the Summer of 2020 and his instrument rating in the Spring of 2021. He has since flown to 32 states and amassed 230 hours of flight time. Chris plans to pursue a career as a military aviator.

Favorite plane: F22 - Raptor Nation!!

Favorite airport: Key West International - Most beautiful airport I've ever flown to

Favorite time to fly: Just after a snowstorm

Best flying memory: Flying a low approach over the Space Shuttle landing strip in Cape Canaveral, FL

Sophomore Officer

Chris Ladaw

Other Chris is also a sophomore studying Aerospace Engineering. He has not yet earned his private pilot's license but hopes to do so soon. Chris has no idea what he wants to do if he's being perfectly honest. Picture coming soon.

Favorite plane: F-4 Phantom II - world's largest distributor of MiG parts

Favorite airport: KAVX Catalina Airport

Favorite time to fly: When I'm not paying

Freshman Officer

Grace Origer

Grace is a freshman in open option engineering at CU. She got her private pilot's license during the summer of 2020 in a Cessna 150. The plane she flies most regularly is a Piper Cub!

Favorite plane: Piper Cub

Favorite airport: Bigfoot Airfield

Favorite time to fly: at sunrise, when you have the best conditions and the best views

Best flying memory: soloing for the first time


Will Pryor

Will is a senior studying Electrical Engineering. He learned to fly in the mountains of Aspen, Colorado. Will earned his certificate in April of 2017. His crazy aviation dream is to fly around the world.

Favorite plane: Spitfire - it just looks so good!

Favorite airport: Aspen Airport. I love flying over the ski slope on the approach to 33.

Favorite time to fly: in the fall, when the leaves change colors

Best flying memory: catching first thermal as a 14 year old giver pilot on second solo flight

Graduate Advisor

William Watkins

William is a senior at CU Boulder studying Aerospace Engineering. William is a military brat and has moved around, but grew up in Anchorage Alaska. He is a third generation pilot, and earned his Private Pilot Certificate in June 2016. William plans to commission as a 2nd Lieutenant in the Air Force after graduating from CU and create a career as a military aviator.

Favorite plane: Fairchild-Republic A-10 Thunderbolt II "Warthog"

Favorite airport: Gillespie County Airport

Favorite time to fly: late at night

Best flying memory: strafing the operations shack in a glider!

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Faculty advisor Dr. Donna Gerren

President Aidan Sesnic

Vice President Chris Yan

Sophomore Officer Chris Ladaw

Freshman Officer Grace Origer

Graduate advisor William Watkins

Advisor William Pryor

Aeronautical Adviser

Colonel Michael Gough

Colonel Gough is a graduate of James Madison University. After officer training and flight school, he was designated as an AV-8B Harrier pilot. He has served in several Marine Attack Squadrons, holding various leadership positions: Aviation Safety Officer, Aircraft Maintenance Officer, Operations Officer, Detachment Officer-in-Charge, Executive Officer, and Commanding Officer. He has deployed numerous times to combat operations and as part of periodic unit deployments. Colonel Gough has served as an exchange pilot with the Spanish Navy, a program officer at the U.S. Naval Academy, a special assistant to the Combatant Commander of U.S. Southern Command, and as Commanding Officer of Marine Aircraft Group 13. He is a graduate of the Defense Language Institute, the Naval War College, and the Joint Force Staff College. He most recently served as the Chief of Staff of I Marine Expeditionary Force.

Former Flying Club Officers

Trevor Weschler

Trevor is in his fourth year at CU Boulder studying music and aerospace engineering. He is from Broomfield, Colorado and is a fourth generation pilot. Trevor earned his private pilot license in July 2015 and flies as frequently as he can with as many people as possible. When grounded, he likes to build computers, hike, and play music.

Jamey Szalay

Jamey was grad student at CU studying physics. He is from Winchester, VA and started flying there his senior year in high school. After moving out to Boulder for grad school, Jamey got his mountain checkout and enjoys flying over the Rockies whenever he can. He is also a strong advocate for general aviation and wants to get as many people up in the air as possible.

Geoff Inge

Geoff studied Aerospace Engineering at CU. Born and raised in Colorado, he has entertained a passion for aviation since attending a Blue Angels airshow at the age of six. After earning his Private Pilot's Certificate in early 2010, Geoff has continued to fly regularly, and recently added an instrument rating to his credentials. He looks forward to a career in professional aviation, and flight test engineering. On the ground, he maintains an active lifestyle, passing time with soccer and skiing, as well as enjoying time with friends and family.

Nate Kranz

Nathaniel Kranz studied Mechanical Engineering at CU and was born and raised in Hastings, Minnesota where is passion for flying began. His father is a pilot for Delta Airlines and his neighbors are general aviation enthusiasts. He enjoys spending his summer days going to fly-ins and taking afternoon flights "around town" with his data and friends. He took ground school through the Flying Club. Outside of flying, Nate enjoys skiing, hiking, camping, cooking, and in general being outside enjoying the mountain air.