Semester Fly Outs

Every semester, the Flying Club at CU holds "fly-outs." These fly-outs function as a way to get our members into general aviation aircraft and up in the air with pilots that are in the club. As a nice added bonus, we normally fly to unique locations around Colorado (and sometimes Wyoming or Nebraska!) to look at planes, museums, or simply to just eat breakfast. Previous destinations have been The Perfect Landing restaurant at Centennial Airport, the Barnstormers restaurant at Greeley Airport, and Cabelas in Sydney, Nebraska.

In a change from previous semesters, the Flying Club at CU will be holding 2 fly-outs this semester: one on September 28th, and one on November 16th. A problem in the past has been getting enough members up in the air in just one fly-out, so by holding two we hope to alleviate this problem. However, members that will be passengers will only be able to get a ride on one fly-out per semester.

Our first fly-out is on September 28th. We plan on flying people to Greeley Airport to have brunch at the Barnstormer restaurant they have on the field. The plan is to meet at Boulder airport at 8:00 AM sharp and depart no later than 8:30 AM. September 29th will be our backup date if the weather does not work in our favor on the 28th.

Our second fly-out is on November 16th. The location is still TBD, but it will be a comparable experience to the first, so don't worry about missing out!

Please sign up below! Spots are first come first serve with paid members receiving priority.

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