Leadership Team

Eli Greene


Eli is a Colorado native who is currently a sophomore in aerospace engineering and is a certified flight instructor. He loves general aviation and can consistently be seen flying across the country in his families Mooney M20F. Long term, Eli hopes to one day become an airline pilot. When he isn't in an airplane, he enjoys traveling with his teddy bear and wearing trench coats to class.

Favorite Airplane: Mooney M20F :)

Favorite Airport: Leadville (KLXV)

Favorite Flying Memory:  Formation flight with two buddies :)

Max Lowe

Vice President

Max is a sophomore at CU majoring in Integrative Physiology. A native of Central Florida, he has been an active member of the aviation community since he started flying airplanes in high school. Along with flying, he carries a passion for Medicine and plans to go to Dental School to become an Orthodontist. As a weekend warrior private pilot, Max enjoys his spare time doing burger runs with the Flying Club around beautiful Colorado. 

Favorite Airplane: Challenger 650 

Favorite Airport: Spruce Creek Fly-In

Favorite Flying Memory:  Flying down the east coast with a wonderful Florida sunset 

Brady Schiff


Brady is a Statistics major from Denver, Colorado. He loves adventures, hiking, climbing, and flying. He hopes to work as an actuary or something in applied math after college! If you ever need a laugh or some advice on a math assignment, don’t hesitate to reach out to him!

Favorite Airport: KDEN - Denver International Airport!

Favorite Time To Fly: Sunset

Favorite Flying Memory: Facing down a C-17 in a tiny Cessna at Colorado Springs Airport

Petra Boyd

Social Media Manager

Petra is a Junior in Humanities. She is a Instrument rated Private Pilot working towards her commercial license. Her dream job is to fly firefighting aircraft or fixed wing ambulances. In her free time she rides horses and tries to convince her friends to adopt dogs.   

Favorite Airplane: Cessna 172 :)

Favorite Airport: KBJC - Metro

Favorite Time to Fly: Sunset

Favorite Flying Memory: My plane catching on fire in flight:)

Christian Bowman


Christian is an aerospace engineering sophomore and the treasurer of the CU Flying Club. He got his PPL in Belgium, while living there for 3 years.  In his free time, Christian enjoys skiing, hiking, and playing video games. 

Favorite Airplane: Mooney M20 :)

Favorite Airport: Namur (EBNM) / Boulder (KBDU)

Favorite Phase of Flight:  Afternoon/sunset

Grace Origer


Grace is a sophomore in chemical engineering. She tackled her private pilots license during quarantine after her junior year of high school. The first plane she soloed in was a bright yellow piper cub which is still her favorite plane to this day. We she’s not flying she’s hiking, climbing, and skiing — anything to be outdoors.

Favorite Airplane: Piper Cub

Favorite Time to Fly: Sunrise

Favorite Phase of Flight: The Landings 

KatieRae Williamson

Faculty Advisor

Still Working On This

Club Leadership Contact Information

President Eli Greene eli.greene@colorado.edu

Vice President Max Lowe maxwell.lowe@colorado.edu 

Treasurer Brady Schiff brady.schiff@colorado.edu 

Social Media Manager Petra Boyd petra.boyd@colorado.edu 

Skipper Christian Bowman christian.bowman@colorado.edu

Officer Grace Origer grace.origer@colorado.edu

Faculty advisor Dr. Donna Gerren donna.gerren@colorado.edu