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The Flying Club at CU

What we do

Next Meeting: Saturday, 14 September, 4:30pm at Journey's Aviation at the Boulder Airport!

The Flying Club at CU is a group based around flying. We love to talk about planes, look at planes and especially, fly planes! You don't have to be a pilot to join the club, in fact if you don't have your license we'll help you get one! If you've ever been fascinated with planes or flying this is the club for you.

We've had multiple flyouts, where we gather a bunch of planes and fly a group of people to another city for breakfast or lunch and then fly back to Boulder. Every year, we organize a tour of the local Air Traffic Control facility where you actually get to plug in with the Air Traffic Controllers and listen to what they do! We also hold two barbecues a year at the Boulder Airport where we grill out and take people flying.

There's lots of really great events and membership is free, so why not sign up? Go to our membership page and sign up today!

Ground School

One of the Flying Club's best features is the Ground School we offer at a heavily discounted rate. This 10 week course takes someone from knowing nothing about planes or aviation to passing the Private Pilot written test!

Click on the Ground School link here or on the left to learn more.

Want to know more? Come to our next meeting!

Flying Club holds a general meeting every month. At these meetings, we talk about the exciting upcoming events we're planning, look back on previous events, give away free food to everyone, and host guest speakers in the aviation and spaceflight community. To get people up in the air, we raffle off one free flight over Boulder every meeting!


A new semester is approaching, do you know what that means? We're holding another Private Pilot Ground School, of course! This course costs $375 - a steal for the material that you'll learn. This course will prepare you to take the Private Pilot Written Exam from the FAA, as well as teach you the academic part about flying the airplane; the only thing left is to get up and the air and do the fun part! If you're interested in participating this fall, fill out the form below, and we'll be in contact with you.

Next Meeting: Saturday, 14 September, 4:30pm at Journey's Aviation at the Boulder Airport! This will be an ice-breaker with free food, so come down after the CU vs Air Force game!