Welcome to The Flying Club at CU!

Who Are We?

The Flying Club at CU is a student organization passionate about all things aviation!  We love to talk about planes, look at planes and especially, fly planes!  You don't have to be a pilot to join the club, in fact if you don't have your license we'll help you get one with a welcoming community and certified flight instructor led ground schools.

If you just want to experience the thrill of taking a ride in an airplane, we also host multiple flyouts every year where we gather a bunch of planes and fly together to another airport. 

Want to know more about any of this? Sign up for our e-mail list here, come to our next meeting, or jump into one of our activities posted below!


Ground School is finally LIVE! Take a 10-week private pilot written test ground school for just 70 dollars! Sign up at this link!

Our "Upcoming Events" schedule has been completely updated to include the rest of the semester. Come join us at a meeting or a flyout!

Upcoming Events

Flying Club tries to hold a general meeting and a flyout approximately once a month. These are the planned activities for the rest of the semester:

Upcoming Meetings:

Upcoming Flyouts: