Ground School

Want to learn more about flying or even take the first step toward getting your private pilot's license? The Flying Club at CU is here to help with our Flying Club Ground School course.

Our ground school course is designed to be a first step towards attaining your private pilot's license or even a supplemental step if you've already begun your training. This official course will be taught by a Certificated Flight Instructor and cover the aeronautical knowledge areas required by Federal Aviation Regulations part 61.105. Students who successfully complete the course will receive an official endorsement by the instructor to take the aeronautical written test.

It should be emphasized that this not a ground school designed to simply memorize the right answer for the written test, that could be accomplished without a CFI. Instead, this course is designed to prepare students by providing an understanding of aircraft, flying and regulations. The skills learned here will be applicable to actual flying as well as passing the oral and practical exam. Our goal is to get you flying!

Some details of the course: TBD